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Rev. Peter Buss, Jr., Pastor – Pastor
BA in Classical Studies from Davidson College; MA in Divinity from the Academy of the New Church Theological School; MBA from the University of Notre Dame
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The Village of Glenview has been my home for 20 of my 41 years, and the Glenview New Church has been my spiritual home for that same time period. I was actually born in Durban, South Africa, and lived there for the first nine years of my life. My father was called to be the pastor of the Glenview New Church in 1976, and we lived here for 7 years. After getting ordained myself, and serving a New Church congregation in the Washington DC area, my wife and I moved back to Glenview in 1992. We have discovered a wonderful place to raise our family, and a great church which serves our spiritual needs.
I have a lovely wife of seventeen years (who also grew up in Glenview), and four children, ages 16 down to 9, one of whom has special needs. Professionally, church work gives me the opportunity to do what I love to do, which is to help people figure out life and find direction. In terms of education, I attended New Church schools throughout my elementary and high school years, many of them in the Glenview New Church School. I’ve had the privilege of attending two great schools for college—the Bryn Athyn College of the New Church for the first two years, and Davidson College, where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies. I received my Masters in Divinity from the Academy of the New Church Theological School, and I recently graduated from the University of Notre Dame with an MBA. In amongst family life and church work, my two primary focuses, I enjoy exercising, visiting with friends, and an occasional round of golf.
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Rev. Mark Pendleton - Associate Pastor; Religion teacher
B.S. in Physical Therapy, Temple University
Masters of Divinity (MDiv.) from the Academy of the New Church Theological School
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I had three years experience as a licensed Physical Therapist before returning to school for my MDiv. I am in my 18th year of ministry in the New Church, with 7 of those years being at the Glenview New Church. Before coming to Glenview, I was pastor of the New Church of Phoenix for 4 years, Associate Pastor of the Oak Arbor Church in Rochester, Michigan for 4 years, and Associate Pastor of the Caryndale New Church in Kitchener, Ontario for 3 years.
I was born and raised in the New Church. I became personally interested in, then fell in love with my faith beginning in my Junior year of high school, and I’ve loved it ever since. In this faith I have discovered an approach to Christianity that embraces everything I know and that provides me with a balanced perspective on religion, on other faiths and cultures as important parts of a collective whole, on the human spirit, and on human psychology that is unparalleled. It also gives me careful and detailed life direction for all facets of my life, and these help me navigate through life in wise, loving, and growing ways. My favorite parts of my work are the opportunities I have to share messages of the Word from a New Church perspective with people of all ages, to share the spiritual wealth of the New Church with newcomers and lifetime members alike, to engage with people one-on-one about things that matter most in their lives, to see people’s lives open up and change for the better, and to see people experience happiness as a result of all of these things. I love my work as a minister and priest in the New Church, and in my work and interactions with people I believe I am doing the very thing that I was created to do.
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Judy Teel - Director of Church Operations / Buildings Manager


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Rachel Pennie - Church Secretary


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Lisa Synnestvedt - Youth Group Director
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I am the Director of the Glenview New Church Youth Program. I have three children, two in high school at Glenbrook South and one in 8th grade at the Glenview New Church School. I have been working with teenagers and youth for 7 years and I love listening to them, playing with them, watching them and hearing them. The teenage years are chock full of questions, pressures, new experiences, doubts, risks and adventures. My goal is to provide a space here at the Glenview New Church where they feel safe and comfortable with peers and trained mentors who share interests and want to invest in the personal journeys of our youth. Our team works to expose them to opportunities where charity, usefulness and love are at the core and we welcome your support.


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Jill Brickman - Volunteer Coordinator


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