Sunday School Programs

The Glenview New Church offers a Nursery and full Sunday School program for infants, children, and young people through high school age. This program happens during the adult portion of our 9:30 Contemporary Worship Service. Infants and toddlers are cared for in our Nursery, and children and youths learn stories and lessons from Scripture in age appropriate ways, including activities, projects, community service, and discussions. Our Nursery and Sunday School programs begin each year after Labor Day and end on the Sunday before Memorial Day. During the summer months our Nursery care-givers and Sunday School teachers take a rest from their work, and the 9:30 service becomes a Contemporary Service offering a combined talk for children and adults. (Please see Worship Services for more information about our worship services.)

Our Nursery and Sunday School program is broken down into the following age groups with the following group names:

  • Garden of Eden: Infants through Junior Preschool

  • Noah’s Ark: Pre-kindergarten through 1st grade

  • Land of Canaan: 2nd through 4th grades

  • Travelers: 5th through 8th grades

  • Seekers: High School