Welcome from the Pastor

Welcome to Glenview New Church. This congregation is dedicated to the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible and the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. Worship services, programs of personal spiritual growth, and congregational activities seek to help people make progress in their spiritual journey. The New Church faith is a process-oriented faith. It’s about gathering all the various parts of your life together, and centering them on the Lord God. It’s about a spiritual journey of growth and promise—being led to the next stage of development in your life, together with the blessings that come with it. When asked what is different about our faith, I often respond that most from a Christian background will hear a lot that sounds familiar—Biblical stories with messages about how to live a good life; yet most people who spend time here find a deeper, and more satisfying set of teachings than they have experienced. They discover new levels of personal meaning in Biblical stories. They find practical tools for personal change and spiritual growth. They gain insights into the nature of the life to come—teachings which give comfort and an eternal perspective on life. They encounter a beautiful concept of marriage—a relationship with one particular person of the opposite sex that can grow in richness and meaning to eternity. And they learn about their God—His wisdom, love, and providence. This congregation is a group of people who support each other in walking the path that leads to heaven. It is an active and useful place. I invite you to discover what the Glenview New Church has to offer you.

Warm regards,

The Rev. Jay Barry, Pastor